10 Telugu Movies Of 2016 That Disappointed Tollywood Fans..


Telugu film industry stands as the second biggest industry next to Bollywood in churning out movies. So every year, we are used to witnessing new movies which include good and bad ones. And if you take a closer look at the path Telugu cinema is travelling, it is evolving to better horizons. The 100 days scene has now reduced to a few weeks run and a new movie is reaching larger section of audience. Though we miss the single screen theatres (especially in Hyderabad), thanks to the multiplexes and the producers for their wider releases. So, 2016 is coming to a close and the movies to be released are also very less. We wanted to take a post mortem report on the movies that turned out to be the biggest duds of 2016 disappointing us hugely. There have been quite a good number of Telugu movies that failed, but again they include some movies which we barely heard even once. So, in order to arrive at the year-end list, we have only considered the ones which came with minimum expectations but failed on a huge margin. Here we go!!

1. Brahmotsavam


Before we even write anything, we are sure you are aware how this Mahesh Babu, Kajal and Samantha starrer was trolled and criticised. Yes, it was indeed disappointing to see Mahesh Babu roaming around in a lacklustre plot that hardly kept any audience interested in its story right from 30 minutes into the movie.

2. Sardaar Gabbar Singh


Though many had fun watching Pawan Kalyan kick some bad asses, this movie hugely let down a larger section of audience from their set expectations. Though Pawan Kalyan as a hero emerged as a winner by entertaining with his fights, comedy, dancing (a little bit) and singing, he failed miserably in the writing department.

3. Thikka


Don’t even ask us to explain about this movie. The only excitement this movie created was around the songs sung by Dhanush and Simbu. Apart from this, the movie was a punishment to watch. Sometimes, it makes us wonder, how they could burn so much money on a movie like this. Sorry to say this, but Sai Dharam Tej’s worst till date.

4. Krishnashtami


In a way this role never suited Sunil. He might have relied on a new narration, but both the narration and his involvement in the movie were very pale. Though Vasu Verma has been in the Dil Raju camp for long, it is a mystery how such a poor film was okayed in the first case.