10 Telugu Movies Of 2016 That Disappointed Tollywood Fans..


5. Raja Cheyyi Vesthe


Nara Rohit and Taraka Ratna teamed up together for this thriller. It was also backed by Varahi Chalana Chitra and as expected the movie too had an interesting plot. If only it was handled well, it could have worked in their favour. It was a clean misfire in a few sections, such as the characterisation of Taraka Ratna’s role, the length of the film which had unnecessary comedy and songs. The movie sank in spite of a decent plot in place.

6. Attack


There were times when one would rely on RGV movies for the needed entertainment quotient. But, now the scene has kind of become sceptical. His movies are no more his movies, which is quite evident. And the movie ‘Attack’ is a direct attack on the audience which asked us to flee from the halls then and there. Poor story and even poor treatment.

7. Hyper


When ‘Nenu Sailaja’ surprised everyone in the beginning of the year, it seemed as if Ram finally got to figure out what was working with the audience. And once the movie ‘Hyper’ released, it seemed he fell back into that ‘Kandireega’ mode of ‘Hyper’ action. Of course, it could be because of the director Santosh Srinivas here, but why don’t they consult a few people before executing such stuff?